Pleasing or Serving

Are you Pleasing yourself and others or are you Serving? To please or to serve, that is the question. I first read about this concept in Steve Chandler’s book “Crazy Good” where he talks about the difference between Pleasing and Serving. I find this a very powerful distinction.    People Pleasing You may think this only…

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Conflicting Messages

Conflicting Messages Abound

What Dominates in a Conflicting Messages Conflict? Remember from Grade School: “When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking, and says its own name.” (It isn’t always true – nothing is.) Conflicting messages are like that. I’ve been wondering about when two opposing messages go walking together, which one does the talking.…

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Making Feedback Actionable

Rosalie Boulter, Paradigm Shifters Consulting Inc. July 2018 One very important skill in Effective Communication is the ability to provide great Feedback. How often is feedback delivered that doesn’t result in the expected change? The Challenges of Incorporating Feedback It seems people believe that when they give somebody feedback, the receiver should have the ability…

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Provoking Emotion to Further Conflict Resolution

Rosalie Boulter – Paradigm Shifters Consulting Inc. I recently wrote a blog titled Conflict Transformation Through Self Knowledge, about how there are two aspects to conflict: the content and the emotion. I highlighted that we cannot ignore the emotional piece in conflict, and while recently working with a client I found again that she brought…

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