Keep It Short

Keep It Short!

I heard a coach once give succinct advice about how to ask good coaching questions. How to “keep it short”. Unfortunately, I can’t recall who it was. If you know, let me know! I’ve been reflecting on the confusion and misunderstandings and abundant minor and major conflicts in so much of our communications. I think…

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Hit the Pause Button

An under-used communication device is the Pause. Try adding several of these to your day and see what changes. You may experience more effective communication. What’s the Pause Button You know the pause button on your musical or video devices as you use them all the time. Well, amazing as it might seem, there is…

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Who Said Simple is Easy? Nobody.

Rosalie Boulter, Paradigm Shifters Consulting Inc. …. How many times when you were a child did your parents or your teachers remind you to say “please”,  “thank you”, and “excuse me”? It takes a while to program us to use those words until they became a communication habit and then once they are fully engrained,…

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