Assessments services we provide

The Paradigm Shifters Team comprises of qualified Occupational Psychometrists who are registered with the British Psychological Society and certified as administrators of psychometric assessments.

We are affiliated with Myers-Briggs (MBTI), Center for Creative Leadership (CCL 360 Suite), The Leadership Circle, Gallups Strength Finder, SDI, Morrisby and Saville Consulting.

Why use Assessments?

An assessment instrument can provide you with valuable information about yourself; however, it cannot measure or identify everything about you. The purposes of assessments are not to pigeon-hole certain characteristics, but rather to allow you to explore all of your characteristics.

Assessments are not tests. Tests measure knowledge or whether something is right or wrong. For the assessments we use, there are no right or wrong answers.

These assessments ask for personal opinions or attitudes about a topic of importance in your life or at business.

Assessments can help establish a baseline for measuring change or even ROI. At the beginning of our coaching relationships we very often use the results of the assessments to start the coaching conversation.

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