Team Development / Team and Systems Coaching services we provide

What’s the difference between a team and a group of people?
When we talk about groups, we see them as people who come together with a common interest, but they may not have the same goal in mind. Our public courses, for example, are a place with the common interest for people to come together as a group to learn, but each individual participant may have their own goals to which they may want to apply their newly acquired skills.

Consequently, when we talk about teams, we understand them as people who are more or less aligned and headed towards a common goal. Typically this could be the completion of a project, the start of a new business or business unit or the initiative of a cross-functional, cross-cultural integration team.

According to Bruce Tuckman’s model, teams need to go through stages of development, namely forming-storming-norming-performing and adjourning, in order for the group of people to form a team, “grow, face up to challenges, tackle problems, find solutions, plan work, and deliver results.” It is believed that these stages are universal to all teams despite the group’s members, purpose, goals, culture, location, demographics, etc.

When you, whether you are a leader or team member, understand this, you can help your team become effective and perform on higher levels.

We support teams and their leaders in their development and performance, no matter which stage they are in on their evolutionary journey and path of collective growth, with a range of bespoke services, addressing your unique requirements:

Team Diagnostics

To be able to measure a team’s condition, improve team performance and effectiveness, and grow as well as sustain productivity, without exception you need to establish a baseline. Our team diagnostics assess not only the individual characteristics, preferences and performance, but also regard and analyze the team as a whole, dynamic, living system. Based on a growing body of research, our assessments focus on those factors that have been proven to make a difference between a normal team and a successful, effective and sustained high performing team. Competencies such as communication, constructive interaction, accountability, trust and respect, alignment etc. are key indicators for successful, creative, adaptable and resilient teams.

  • We are certified by Team Coaching International™ in the administration of their assessments Team Diagnostics™, Team Leader View™, Organization View™, Team 360 View™
  • We are certified by The Leadership Circle in the administration of their Leadership Circle Profile, Leadership Culture Survey and The Leadership System
  • We are certified by Center of Creative Leadership in the administration of their Benchmarks® 360 Assessment Suite
  • We are certified by CPP in the administration of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® for individuals and teams
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Team Performance Workshops

Our team performance workshops are different by design, facilitation and the sustained learning than the usual training that is offered on the market. When it comes to leadership and team development, the training industry has been broken for years. You don’t train leaders and teams unless you desire robotic, static thinkers. If you’re seeking high performing, innovative, creative and evolving teams, you need to develop them. Development is transformational. It shifts paradigms for the learner by freeing them from limiting boxes, moving them beyond their comfort zones, and focusing on the people as well as the relevance to each person.

Given these points and taking adult development theory as well as neuroscience into account, our workshops are designed as contextually based, experiential learning events, led by our experienced, ICF-certified coaches and facilitators. The workshops empower all types of individuals and teams. You best learn, understand, and retain new information by using multiple learning channels. We do not lecture in our workshops. We support you in the integrative process of your learnings and changes through post-workshop group coaching or individual coaching during which accountability is offered, reflection on the efforts and results of your applied learning take place, and coaching serves your further development. These are a sample of a range of bespoke workshops we offer:

  • Communication I + II
  • Conflict Transformation
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Creativity & Innovation Management
  • Team Derailers – Communication Patterns that Stall Collaboration
  • Higher Performance through a Coaching Culture
  • Bespoke Courses and Workshops designed to address your unique requirements
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Team Retreats

Ready for the cheesy team-building exercises? Yeah? Well, no. That’s not how we like to shift your paradigms, even if these kind of team building exercises have their rightful place. The purpose of a retreat is to step back, literally retreat from your business for taking a break from the daily grind and either refresh your brain, re-calibrate your emotional intelligence, learn from experts and each other or build relationships, socialize or emphasize motivation.

Team retreats can vary in length. A two-day retreat can already have some benefits. We usually start with 3 days and some of our past team development programs included four 5-day long retreats over a period of twelve months.

One of the most important elements of any retreat is how the extraordinary, transformative learning is afterwards transferred and sustained in real life situations. Integrated team and individual coaching holds everyone accountable for the continued development, growth and execution.

Our retreat leaders are experienced ICF-certified coaches, facilitators, mediators and psychologists. Did we mention that we are in the business of providing a safe environment in which we all can have fun and enjoy each other while learning, growing and developing into unknown territory? Oh, and in case you actually like to have some exciting team building exercises included in your team retreats, amongst our team members we have certified yoga teachers and mountaineers who are committed to your growth on the ropes courses.

  • Customized Instructional Design
  • Facilitation
  • Location & Logistics
  • Experiential and contextually based
  • Practical, immediately applicable
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Team & Systems Coaching

Teams are a complex matrix of relationships that can run anywhere from functioning beautifully to creating havoc internally and externally. They can be amazingly productive, creative, enriching and fun or can get bogged down by unresolved conflict, working at cross purposes and unable to work effectively with differences.
What’s Team Coaching? Team coaching is a practical and efficient way to apply the benefits of individual coaching to the entire team – a very powerful way to help the team as a whole reflect upon issues that affect their performance, well-being and to achieve their goals. The added benefit is that the team culture shifts everybody together, resolving a challenge found in individual coaching which is that when sending a changed individual into an unchanged environment, the environment invariably wins. It is so much more profound when the systems around people also shift to support and reinforce new behaviours, priorities and ways of thinking, and to align around goals.

Team coaching is a well-blended synthesis of team facilitation, organizational consulting, organizational development, individual work, and team development work. Our approach at Paradigm Shifters is always focused on experiential learning and is designed for the needs of your specific team, taking into account the design of the team, what stage it is at – just starting, long term, new members, etc – plus the organizational context in which it is situated, and the particular issues and challenges this team and the organization face.
Our ICF Certified Coaches are specifically trained in coaching teams and systems. A coach is present for what is happening in the moment and addressing issues as they arise, in real time.

Team Coaching Benefits:

  • Develop an atmosphere of psychological safety which grows the ability to have open and honest dialogue, share concerns and fears, challenge respectfully and constructively. Moreover, teams build deeper levels of trust and higher quality of collaboration.
  • Gain greater clarity, coherence and consistency as to what’s most important for the team to achieve collectively. A stronger sense of shared purpose emerges.
  • Uncover how they are actually operating, which may be very different than how they believe they are. Team cultures often have inconsistencies between what Edgar H. Schein calls “espoused values” and “tacit assumptions”. The assumptions are what truly drive behaviours while we continue to believe we are acting from the values. When the team discovers benefits to regularly questioning its own assumptions, more effective ways of working emerge.
  • Navigate conflict effectively so that it becomes a positive force for performance and innovation, rather than a barrier to tasks, processes and relationships.
  • Understand, value and support the contribution of each member, creating circumstances where each get to use their strengths and continue to grow..
  • Improve the effectiveness of communication, both between team members and with external stakeholders.
  • Embedding coaching skills so team members to co-coach each other for improved solution and ideas creation.
  • Support consistent application of agreements and accountability
  • Integration of course, workshop and retreat learnings and actions which tend to be put on the shelf and forgotten when people get back to their day to day routine.
    And, because Coaching always includes doing and practicing, turn all of this into actions that can be tracked and measured!
    Team Coaching can also include Just-In-Time Coaching or Alignment Coaching. Coaches attend meetings and coach in the moment or a couple of people have a specific issue that would benefit from smaller group coaching.
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