Workshop & Facilitation services we provide

Our workshops are contextually based, experiential learning events, led by our experienced, ICF-certified coaches and facilitators.

The courses empower all types of individuals. You best learn, understand, and retain new information by using multiple learning channels.

We do not lecture in our courses. You will be practicing, experimenting, failing, reflecting, succeeding, laughing tears of joy, experience emotions, and leaving the courses with a feeling of new understanding, shifting perspectives, achievements and wanting more of it.

You will need to do more in order to retain the newly acquired information and initiated behavioral changes. We support you in the integrative process of your learnings and changes through post-course group coaching and individual coaching during which accountability is offered, reflection on the efforts and results of your applied learning take place, and coaching serves your further development.

How we work

  • Contextually Based

    Contextual learning is based on a constructivist theory of teaching and learning. Learning takes place when teachers are able to present information in a way that students are able to construct meaning based on their own experiences.

  • Experiential Learning

    Experiential learning is the process of learning through experience, and is more specifically defined as “learning through reflection on doing”. Hands-on learning is a form of experiential learning but does not necessarily involve students reflecting on their product. Experiential learning is distinct from rote or didactic learning, in which the learner plays a comparatively passive role. Learn more about our  Experiential Learning Methodology

  • No Lecturing

    Lecturing is a discourse given before an audience or class especially for instruction. It is the opposite of our style and methodology of learning.

  • Professional Facilitators

    A facilitator is someone who engages in facilitation—any activity that makes a social process easy or easier. Our workshops and retreats are led by our professional facilitators who are also professional coaches, certified by the International Coaching Federation.

  • Transformational

    A paradigm shift occurs whenever there’s a significant change in the way an individual or a group perceives something, and the old paradigm is replaced by a new way of thinking, or a new belief. Our workshops have this transformational potential for every participant in their own way.

  • Inspiring

    Participants of our workshops return to their every day life inspired and motivated to make changes to the better.

  • Safe

    Our workshops are designed and facilitated to be a safe environment so that participants can emotionally open up, take risks and be vulnerable for the sake of learning. All at their own choice and pace.

  • Fun and Exciting

    While the workshops are usually about serious topics that might be very challenging for the participants, we include a good portion of fun and excitement in the design and facilitation.

  • Playful and Inclusive

    We ask participants of our workshops to be playful and curious like a child and use a “beginner’s mind”. We like to include people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized, such as those who have physical or mental disabilities and members of minority groups.

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