Clarity and Leadership

In recent reports on the qualities of optimal leadership, it was noted that most individuals in leadership positions see themselves as tasked exclusively and strictly with: Planning Decision making Developing structure Identifying sustainable processes and practices The goal of leadership may vary slightly, most agreed, but those responsibilities seemed to be a universal set of…

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Team work Takes Team Building

Do you have any interest in team sports? What about professional team sports? If so, imagine your favorite team of the moment. Now, imagine them hitting the field, court, ice or whatever surface they’ll play on, without a moment’s practice. Even if that team is comprised of the sport’s best players ever, without that practice…

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The Not Knowing Leaders

In Leadership Development programs, we often encourage leaders to be more “Coach-like” in their interactions. Meaning to not simply provide an answer or direction but to be curious, dig deeper and to have people come up with their own answers as much as possible. This approach creates challenges for a lot of leaders for many…

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