Barry Louie
Key Account Manager

To make a long story short, firstly, Coach Adi helped me to identify various problems and then act on them. Most of our problems are caused by ourselves. He also taught me different techniques to listen to and understand others. I realized that I wasn’t as good a listener as I thought it was. In summary, through his various experiences, Coach Adi can help you by considering all angles and will assist by helping guide you to find and develop an attack strategy of your own.

Sumie Kawakami
Writer, Journalist and Translator

Now I see a lot of improvement in other parts of my life. My relationship to my colleagues improved significantly. Because I feel a bit more comfortable with myself, I feel I have more room for other people. I’ve started to see their agendas and to feel more compassionate. People did notice my changes, too. At work, I always felt like I was a stranger inside my own body. I am still learning to unstuck myself from the role I had slotted myself in. I am starting to see other possibilities.

Mike B.
CEO Financial Industry

I was initially skeptical of the value of taking two full days out of a busy schedule to attend a workshop. However the carefully coordinated program in the professional hands of Adi and his team of passionate coaches proved to be a very smart investment indeed. I was able to benefit on many different levels. It has served as a springboard to regular professional coaching, which I firmly believe makes me more effective and focused in both my professional and private life.

Helen Roberts
Clippe Communications, Consulting and Adventure Coaching

I have worked with Rosalie for over 15 years. Her creativity, understanding of human systems dynamics and her tenacity are evident in all the work she does. She was an invaluable member of an employee engagement team I led, helping me with design, roll out and delivery and working through issues of awareness and resistance.

As a member of my coaching team I refer all the complex clients to Rosalie. She has terrific skills and works well with knotty interpersonal issues.


Rosalie has a very effective way of influencing me to think outside the box and to stretch into areas and situations that I have in the past avoided.

Catherine Billam
Management Consultant

Rosalie is an excellent coach who combines professionalism with sensitivity. I have observed her facilitating and coaching teams which she does with consummate skill. She creates an environment that is both safe and challenging within which teams and organisations can question and change. She is also a generous and supportive colleague and an all round nice person. I look forward to working with her again and recommend her to anyone who is considering working with her.

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